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Litter 2024
Due: July 12,2024 
Deposit list has some availability depending in litter size 


Jade profile
Jade is a great mama











 Jade has been a stand out from a young puppy. Jade has a high drive and exceptional cooperation that will endlessly put a smile on your face. She truly loves to work and loves to please. If that means bird and pleasing; even better! One unique attribute that Jade has is a natural desire to honor or back which truly is a rare thing especially in a young dog. She has backed from the beginning; anytime she is in a brace if her bracemate gets 'birdie' she backs. It's cool to watch on those cagey Iowa pheasants she has done a lot of work with. In the house, Jade is well behaved. She will definitely blow off steam at let outs and play time, but truly remains calm and relaxed on days where optimal let out time is less than ideal (i.e. rainy all day etc.) Jade has a exceptionally nice coat rated Dense, Medium Harsh. It lies flat and catches minimal trash while hunting. She was NA tested twice. The first time she was 4.5 months old and she prized with a 99 Prize 3. She had a great day with some hiccups. The second time she tested the weather was less than ideal (30 mph winds and raining the whole day). We were happy with her efforts and passed again with a 108 prize 2.  Not far back in the pedigree you'll find some exceptional dogs and Versatile champions. 

Hooch is a dynamic hunter with a really nice range that adjust to cover and contains some longer casts. He has a natural retrieve with a high degree of cooperation. Most griffs have a somewhat moderate threshold for repetition in retrieving. Hooch thrives with it. In everyday life Hooch is a fun, goofy, best friend kind of dog. He's well behaved around the house and is a ton of fun to work with. These pups will be really really nice!


Broken Tine's A Jaded Huntress NA 2
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Normal
Thyroid: Normal 

Broken Tine's Secret Hooch NA3
Hips: Good
Eyes: Normal 
Thyroid: Normal


Jade and Jovi are an awesome team
Intensity in a point is always fun


What makes the Broken Tine program better than many others? 

We are a very hands on program that only has a couple litters a year or less. When we have a litter it is something we have been carefully considering for years. All breeding candidates are health tested. We use the tests recommended by the AWPGA and OFA which are Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Thyroid. Our dogs are ALL evaluated in hunting tests through NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) at a minimum at the Natural Ability level. We often use sires outside of our program that bring things to the table that we feel will make our next generation better than the current one. The above are all minimum standards for us. In addition, we look to use breeding animals that are mentally stable, high drive for game, highly cooperative, and also extremely enjoyable companions to have around the house. Each litter we will be happy to discuss the overall merits of the parents and why we paired them. Every pairing is strategic and we truly intend to produce phenomenal puppies that will become a valued member a family. 

Better Raised Puppies: 

Our puppies are born in our home and handled daily. For the first 1-2 weeks the puppies are weighed daily to monitor their growth. The puppies go through an Early Neurological Stimulation procedure on day 3-14. This is a procedure that the military developed that has been shown to improve multiple systems function and improve the body's ability to handle stress. Puppies are dewormed at 2,4,6,8 weeks. They are given their first 5 way vaccination at 7 weeks along with their microchip.  They will stay in a whelping box with their mom until the first puppy escapes and then they will switch to a metal framed pen.  At about 5 weeks we will begin to crate the puppies together overnight with a couple let outs. This teaches them the crates are safe and a nice place to be. This also teaches them not to urinate or defecate in them without some mild discomfort. We keep them clean and they learn they like it best that way. 


Weather permitting puppies will go on lots of grass adventures, see some feathers and winds, maybe a couple quail or harvested birds. If it's not too cold we will also get out the baby pool to let them play in. They are exposed to lots of different toys and textures. In the first 7-8 weeks we can only do so much and we highly encourage folks to keep taking their puppy on adventures and allowing them to explore the world in a somewhat guarded manner. Keep in mind they are not fully immunized and vaccinated until 16 weeks. 


Puppies come with AKC application for limited registration and NAVHDA Registered with a breeding restriction. This means offspring cannot be registered.  

Health Guarantee:

We guarantee our puppies until 26 months of age against hereditary genetic defects that affect the dog's ability to hunt. If a problem should arise the puppy buyer should reach out to us immediately and we will work with our vets to determine the impact. If the dog is deemed to have a qualifying issue the dog can be returned to us for a full refund, or 50% of the purchase price can be credited toward a replacement at our nearest availability.

Return policy: 

Puppies can be returned for a full refund within the first 72 hours. A puppy can be forfeited back to us at any time though a refund is not guaranteed. 


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