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Broken Tine's Secret Hooch 


DOB 12/10/2019



Hips: Good

Elbows: Eyes

Eyes: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Chic #170558

Hooch is one of those dogs that you just enjoy being around. He has a high retrieve drive and desire to please. He is one of those dogs that naturally comes to sit in front of you just to wait to hear of something he can do to please you. In the field he is a slower, more methodical type hunter that bodes well with wild pheasants. He naturally stays within gun range easily and is naturally steady. Hooch comes from a background of some extremely accomplished show dogs. He brings some hair length to the table while maintaining some nice hair texture and density. 

adolescent picture
Hooch on point
Hooch loves water!
A great day afield
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